Saturday, March 30, 2013

Well, That Was Random

Well, I survived my first week of Prom Season.  It almost killed me but, here I am.  Wasting my one and only day off sewing and blogging.  Earlier I was watching NCIS in my pjs (at around 11am) when Rich came into our room with a drill.  I sneezed and said "See, I'm so allergic to manual labor that I sneeze when I'm even in the same room with tools."  He agreed with that little gem a little too eagerly for his own health... It worked, I started feeling guilty, took a shower and went upstairs to sew.  In my defense, I did do some laundry and they're also expecting me to prepare dinner.

Any who, over the last couple of weeks, I finished the last of the rows of Bee In My Bonnet's Row Along.  I messed up the tulips, they're supposed to be 'dancing' with one up, one down but I didn't follow directions very well.  I know, you're shocked.  So, no dancing tulips on the great quilt of randomness.

I decided I would start with spring and end with winter and throw the homey stuff though out to try to make sense of the whole thing.  I started sewing the rows together from the bottom up.  Mainly because the bottom was more in my way while sewing than the top was.  Then, I had to stop and go back several days later and forgot that little detail and started sewing my mittens to spring.  My life almost fell apart.  Unsewing sucks. 
And, I lost my favorite seam ripper.  Isn't that just the way?!  As soon as I had declared my love for it, it vanished.  Ugh.

Here's a look at the quilt before borders.  I think the black on thimbles is fine.  I was afraid it would be too much black.
Then, with borders.  The outer border is supposed to be a pieced 6" border but by the time I got to it, there was no way I wanted to take that much more time on the quilt!  Not to mention, I didn't have enough of the orange gingham to do it.  I went with the old rule that how ever much is left of the fabric is how large your borders should be:)  I apparently, had quite a bit less than the designer lady.

The gingham reminds me of my Aunt Azaya.  When I was in high school, I lived with her for awhile.  And, the room that was mine was covered in green gingham.  I didn't appreciate it when I was a snotty teenager.  But, I love it now and I want to use it for everything!  Every time I do, I think of Azaya.  Actually, she was Nancy back then but that is a whole different story.

Last but not least, I finished Sew Tweets.  It's quilted and bound and ready for my quilt guild's President's challenge in May.  Me likey, me likey a lot.

I've also been working on my state flower embroidery quilt blocks.  I'm past the half way point but I don't have pictures because it stays at work, far away from my camera.  I keep coming up with different ideas about how to finish that quilt.  I'm really curious what it's going to end up like.

Then, I tried to start a new applique project but my scanner is apparently broken and I have to enlarge the pattern 200%.  Considering the snow outside, I think I'll wait to get that done another day.

Oh, and I think I figured out why no one is able to leave a comment.  I had it set up as a pop-up.  If you are running a pop-up blocker, it probably won't work.  So, I changed that and have gotten my first spam.  See if you can comment now.  Don't forget, I speak fluent smart-ass.  Just don't be a meany:)

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