Saturday, December 28, 2013

So Many Bibs

Kammi liked her baby gift so much, she hired me to make an elf bib for Christmas.  And, I made Ethan wear it.
Kammi with her peas and carrot bibs that I made for her baby gift.  I made her wear them.  The picture of the John Deer fabric books didn't turn out.

My supervisor, Donna, liked Kammi's gift so much, she hired me to make peas and a strawberry for her granddaughters.  And, I made Ethan and Bethany wear them.

Then, my co-worker liked Donna's so much that she hired me to make 2 more strawberries for her granddaughters.  Hunter and Sierra were no where to be found.  I think they caught on.  Drat.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Finding a Christmas tree this year was challenging.  We have tall ceilings but limited floor space so we like them tall and skinny.  After the dead tree from a few years ago, I've been lobbying for a fake one but the kids are completely against it.

They did go to our usual tree farm to look but they just ended up goofing around.  
You can't see them, they're hiding.  I'm really surprised we didn't end up with the giant mushroom tree.  I wasn't there to stop them and they've had their eyes on it for years.
I made more Princess pins.  And, still haven't cleaned my house...
I know, I know, I need to finish a few projects before I start more!  But this was a Christmas one.  It just felt right at the time.  It's freaking me out that the door is off center.  Crap.

My latest Tulips and Hearts.  Explain to me why I chose that bright green ribbon to be a stem with that dark green leaf.  I think that'll be a redo.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Has Vomited All Over My House

Is it just me or does everyone get obsessed over projects.  I can't paint very well, but I insist on trying.  My friend Judy, from CA, is really, really good!  She used to make these super cute gumball machines out of clay pots.  Before we had Pinterest to give us all these ideas, mind you.  She made me an adorable one with strawberries once.  My kids promptly broke it.  So, she showed me how to make a watermelon one that they also broke.  I so badly want to be as good as Judy.  It's not gonna happen this month.  Mind you, I haven't tried since my New Year's experiments.
For our guild Christmas Party, I signed up to provide a centerpiece.  Last year it was the Gingerbread House, this time I made snow globes.  I hadn't done one before and wasn't completely sure how to go about it.  I kind of meshed the gumball machine with a jar snow globe craft I saw.  Then, I decided I should make 2 smaller ones for my secret pals.  So off to Joann's I went for my supplies.  Then, off I went another day for something different.  Then, off I went for more because I didn't like the combos I had... you get the picture.
After much, driving to Fairview Heights, I finally got them finished to a point I wasn't completely embarrassed of.  Tole painting is not easy.  It takes layers.  Lots of layers.  And chocolate breaks.  Lots of chocolate breaks.

Please note my 2 little old ladies.  Quilting buddies hanging in the park, grabbing a snack before finishing their fabric shopping.  My people.

So anyway, this project got spread out ALL over my sewing room.  Then, we put up the tree and it took us a week because we're all too busy.  Now I have cookie supplies, gift parts and pieces, unfinished cards, wrapping paraphernalia and various Christmas flotsam and jetsam (aka Christmas vomit) littering every inch of my house.  Merry Freakin' Christmas:)