Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm Not Sure,They Might Be Too Masculine...

I feel like a broken record but, I don't like working all these hours.  It's exhausting.  I feel like nothing is getting done and Rich feels like the world is falling apart around him.  We just have to get through May and everything will mellow out.

I'm planning Hunter's Birthday Luau for next weekend.  I just did my taxes the other day.  I don't recommend doing that when you have the flu & you owe money... Not good for the stomach.  Then, Hunter has Prom.  Sierra has her 8th Grade Formal.  Mother's Day:)  Hunter's Graduation party. Then, my birthday.  Then, the girls' have their dance recital.  Then, Prom Season is over and life can go back to normal.  How much do you want to bet, I won't know what to do with myself when it's all over.

Easter was nice.  I did a lot of cooking.  We tried dying our eggs using Kool Aid this year.  Not a huge success.  Don't bother with the lemonade.  Purple was weird but ended up really cool after it dried.  And, it really did smell yummy.

Don't be alarmed, Ethan never has a shirt on.  A little tip, make sure that your containers don't have holes.  I think I had to replace more than half of my containers because they all leaked dark Kool Aid all over my counter.
I've been working on a Block of The Month while on my breaks at work.  It's super cute but it's taking me forever because I get things done 15 minutes at a time.  I'm currently on block 2.  And, we're half way through the 4th month.

I won a Jackman's gift card at our Guild meeting this month.  So, decided to buy a couple patterns that I've had my eye on.  These fabulous pot holders are from one of the patterns.  I made them to match my beautiful kitchen curtains:)  The other one is a house wall hanging with yo-yo trees and animals.  I got the spring version.  Gonna be cute.

I also spent a lot of time today making new curtains for my sewing room.  I'm not sure, they might be too masculine.  The lighting is really bad in the pictures but the fabric background is white on white polka dots. 
 The color of this picture is better.  Now I'm out of the yellow fabric I made the roses out of.  Originally, I just wanted 2 but now I think I might want 2 for each curtain.  I may end up with a bouquet when I'm done.  Who knows.  Hope everyone stays safe in this tornado weather!  See you soon.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Not Getting Much Done These Days

Well, Prom Season is upon me.  And these extended hours pretty much suck Easter Eggs.  I've decided not to get out of bed today.  It's my only day off and I'm gonna do what I want.  Which is complete b.s. because I have 4 kids.

I did get breakfast in bed from Sierra, and Ethan made me a tea.  I was feeling loved and missed until Rich just came in and burst my bubble.  Apparently, at least Ethan, may have ulterior motives.  There may be some buttering up going on...
 These necklaces are the result of my jewelry making experiments from a few weeks ago.  I strung and restrung several times.  It does, in fact, pay to read instructions first and make sure you have everything you need before you start this sort of project.  I really like my leaf necklace.  It's really heavy, though.  And, it's spring so I won't be wearing it for a long time.  I like the buttons, as well.  It's too short, as I have the neck of a linebacker.  I bought some chain to add to the back. It's also not very comfortable to wear, a little scratchy.  The chain may solve that for me, too.  An important lesson here was to use thicker wire.  I kept breaking it...

Last Sunday I made an Easter wreath.  My old one was looking pretty pitiful.  I was inspired by Pinerest on this one.  It took WAY more eggs to make it than I expected.  I used the 2 bags I bought plus most of the Easter Bunny's eggs and almost all of my glue sticks.  Jeesh.

This little bunny wall hanging is from the Red Brolly blog that I follow, whom I LOVE.  She has several super adorable Easter designs.  This one was a pincushion.  I made it into a wall hanging for my cubicle.  I was able to use scraps from my '30s block of the month.

 Hunter's graduation invitations!  I started them last weekend and finished them this morning.  I ran out of the red paper from Archiver's and had to get more after work yesterday.  That doesn't seem so bad until you realize I've worked 6, 9 hour days, drove 30 min. to Fairview & then another 30 home....

He just told me they were "legit".  Mission accomplished.
If he doesn't graduate, I'm still throwing the party... decorations are being collected on Pinterest.

What's left of the Bunny Chow I made this week.  Apparently it was a hit.  Ingredients: unbuttered popcorn drizzled in pink almond bark, pretzel m & m's, blue rice crispy treat crumbles.  And soon, you have a nearly empty bag....

What do you get when you combine all the ingredients below?  2 kids with respiratory infections, a bikini cake, and kids that are wishful for DQ.  Not sure what the steak knife is for.  Protection?

There has been much discussion on the size of the bikini cake's boobs.  I remember my Aunt Betty making it with SnoBalls but the internet says to use the Wilton's ball cake pan.  I think it's because of implants.  We're going to do a dry run with the SnoBalls.  If it looks dumb, we'll use the ball pan on Hunter's birthday.  But to accommodate boobs that size, I'll have to buy a sheet pan and make enough cake to feed 30 perverts.  I mean people:)

I believe that is all I have to report for now.  Stay tuned for the boob size outcome.