Friday, October 19, 2012

I Changed My Settings

Can someone comment on my blog to see if it allows you now?  I changed the settings and it should work.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

That's So Pinteresting....

I really wanted to make one of these wreaths for Halloween but couldn't find black, orange, and purple ornaments.  So, I defaulted to fall.  I LOVE it.  Of course, I got the idea from Pinterest.  Here's the link.  I'll probably end up making one for every holiday now.  I used my old wreath, leaves and ribbon.  I bought 3 pkgs of shatterproof bulbs at Walmart for about $5 each and added a few glass bulbs from my Christmas "extras".  And lots and lots of hot glue.  Just like my Easter Egg wreath in the spring, I really underestimated how many ornaments it would take.  I used all 3 three pkgs (60?), maybe 8 that I had before and only had 6 left when I was done.  I thought I was over buying and didn't know what I would do with brown Christmas ornaments.  For Christmas I'd like to use the vintage look ornaments.  I have my grandmother's from the 50's but I'd be too worried they'd be destroyed in one of our wind storms.

In other Pinterest news:

I still really like my laundry detergent.  It smells great and seems to work fine.  Although, I did notice that I had deodorant on a black blouse the other day.  Did I try it on and change my mind?  Or, did the detergent not get it out?  Plus, did Bethany over stuff the washer?  Mysteries.  Link here.  I use the dry version.  Not sure why you would make liquid, it's twice the work and doesn't do any better of a job.

Hated the air fresheners.  Cutting my losses and moving on.

Going to try a different dish detergent next time.  The one I've been using says to leave out to dry or it hardens.  Well, leaving it out to dry for 2 days with the comedy stylings of the Mantz' can be more than it's worth.  "Hey, babe.  I'm glad your subsidizing our income but is Crack really the way you want to go?"  "Hey, Mom.  You can't just leave your Crack out like that.  What if the cops come by?"  And so on...

I have recently tried to make my own fabric softener.  It's been a success so far.  It doesn't make the laundry super soft.  We were using the luxury Downy sheets w/ lavender, I forget what they were called.  Not the pink and blue box.  It's purple and has shiny writing.  More of a line dried freshness.  Rich is a big fan.  And, you use conditioner, so you can choose from a ton of different scents.

On the horizon:  hot glue on my hangers so my blouses stop sliding off, wedding quilts for my nieces, finishing up stuff for my guilds Quilt Show, making stuff for the quilt guild's auction and I cut out the pattern and fabric for my Halloween costume.  It's been years since I've done a garment.  We shall see.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall and Stuff

 Well, I think this Bats in the Belfry pattern has been waiting patiently for YEARS for me to get around to making it.  And, I really like it.  Bonus, I was able to use all stash fabrics.  The weird flowers are Bethany's Homecoming Court bouquet.  They're spooky just like my bats.
A few Saturdays ago, we learned to do a fancy embroidery stitch at The Applique Society. It's called twilling and is like little knots on top of the fabric.  I loved it and was able to finish it while I was waiting around for kids at their various Homecoming dance activities.  That's the great thing about applique and embroidery, you can take it anywhere.
 After making Bats in The Belfry, I decided to make a ribbon table runner for Halloween.  I tweeked the pattern I used for a similar one for the 4th of July.  I like this one much better.  It's fatter, and shorter.

And who doesn't need some halloween pot holders.
 The same Saturday that we had TAS, I also participated in a quilting sew-along thing.  It was a Jellyroll 1600 Race.  We had a lot of fun!  Everyone's turned out SO much cuter than mine.  Instead of buying a jellyroll, I made my own out of patriotic fabrics.  Then, at the last minute, I decided to use one of my gold strips as a connecting square in between the strips.  Well, there was only enough for a few.  Then my colors were clumped together.  On my last round, I had to rip out the seam and flip it topsy turvy because my gold squares were right on top of each other and there was a huge red blotch in the middle.  Ugh.  I was not impressed.  Then Alice says I should applique stars on it.  Brilliant!  So, once I added borders and a few stars, I like it much better.  Of course, as I was sewing the stars down with metallic gold thread, I ran out of thread on my second to last one.  Ugh.  Eventually it will be a Quilt of Valor.  When I get my act together.

I'd like to make another, I really liked the ones that were all one tone but had a light or dark square.  Chris Y. had beautiful pastels with a medium blue.  Alice had gorgeous florals with a med pink.  And Judy and Pat had super cute kid fabrics that were mostly one one in brights.  Katie had an all medium blue batik jellyroll that I think will be gorgeous.

Check it out!  Only one more block to go!  As I was trying to figure out the assembly and border instructions, I realized I'm missing page 3 of the instructions.  Which, apparently, has all the measurements.  I had just guessed on block size when I started.  Good thing I was right.  Yikes.  She's mailing me a copy of the missing page.

This is Sierra's Birthday cake.  She turned 14 on the 29th.  She wanted a chocolate cake with raspberry filling.  I found the decorating idea on pinterest and thought it was so pretty.  I made a double batch of frosting and it wasn't enough to cover the whole cake so I poured the rest of the filling on top.  That was Bethany's idea.

 So, I bought this cake stand because I've never had one and our cakes always sit out and dry up.  The kids won't cover anything with saran wrap.  So, I buy a cake stand with a dome.  Then I decorate the cake and there's too much frosting to fit under the dome!  I can't win.  And this cake is so rich, no one can eat it.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Things I Do For My Kids

A couple weeks ago, Triad had Homecoming.  The week following, they had what they call Spirit Week.  On one day, Bethany had to be a toddler (sophomore) and Sierra needed to be an infant.  So, I made a tutu for Bethany and a couple of giant bows for her hair.

And, a bib and giant headband for the infant (freshman) Sierra.  The headband was the idea of my friend Judy Tyler.  I thought it was brilliant.  The bib instructions comes with a suit and tie, superman, witch, and elf.  I chose the ballerina.  I can't wait to make one of each.  I just need to get my hands on some babies in need of bibbing.

What I want to know is where were these tutu, bow and bib making skills 15 years ago when I really could have used them!

 Then there was duo day.  Sierra was America, her partner was Canada.  It's all about some obscure internet comic.  Apparently, she's fairly authentic to character.  Her skirt was originally down to her ankles.  So, I cut it in half, put a waistband in the bottom and re-hemmed the top.  Tada, 2 skirts for the clearance price of $6.  Bethany was Catwoman, to her boyfriend's Batman.

Let me tell you the tail of the barefoot sandals.  I made Bethany a pair to take to Florida with her when she went with her friend Kristen.  Carol, Kyle's mom (batman from above) loved them and asked if she would make some for Carol's friend's beach wedding.  In payment, Carol would take the kids to Six Flags for the day.  Bethany was all about it.  This is in July.  The wedding is in October.

Well, Six Flags turned into an all expense paid trip to Florida with Kyle's family.  One pair of barefoot sandals turns into 3 pairs.

They bought beads and sent a photo of what the bride liked and said do what you think best...Well, we all know how that turns out.  My first prototype took 2 hours.  The bride hated it.  Returned it all stretched out of shape and with a diagram of how she wants them made.  Not to mention, I used my Godzilla size 9 foot for sizing and the bride has little princess size 6 feet which I didn't know about.  I make 2 really beautiful bead clusters to jazz up the Bride's set, 1 hour each.  Second prototype of bridesmaid's only takes 1 hour.  Bride likes it but wants it 1 bead larger and wants all sets exactly the same.  No special pearl and swarz. crystal cluster for the bride.  WTH!  And no, I'm not undoing it to make it 1 bead longer.  I do have a life.  So, I procrastinate because now I'm annoyed.  Finally, this last Friday, I make the other 5.  The other 2 sets are 1 bead longer.  Each takes an hour to make.  So, we're talking 10-12 hours of my free time here.  Not that I'm counting.

I run into Carol at the Homecoming game on Friday because the kids were voted onto the court.  We needed to take pictures at half-time.  So, I tell her I have the things done and she's like "Oh, Bethany was supposed to make those."  Right, did she really think it would be Bethany?  So, Bethany takes them over to their house tonight.  And, I'm super happy to get rid of them at this point.  Guess what comes home with her.  Oh yeah, they need one more set.  What?!