Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oh, the holidays, I love them so.

 Last week I made this Elenore Burns table runner.  My intentions were to make one for me and one for my Mother-In-Law.  The second one didn't get made and it turns out that she wants the leaf version anyhow.  Perhaps she'll get one for Christmas.
 I made this bag a few weeks ago and forgot to take a picture.  I don't like it and the button is all wrong.
 I only got to 3 Civil War blocks this week.  That's better than none.

 This is the beginning of an Eeyore quilt that my Niece-In-Law needs, stat.  There will be a thick border on top with the little girl's name appliqued & 2 thinner borders down the sides with thick rick-rack.  I'm liking it so far.  I hope to get it done by next weekend.
Last but not least, I started this super cute pin cushion last Saturday at my TAS meeting.  I probably should have taken a closer picture so that you can see better detail.  And for those who were wondering, the top was finished last weekend but I sewed it together this weekend:)

Now to get caught up on my Girl Scout junk!  Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving!  Mine was pretty great!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Guess It's Been Awhile

So, life has been pretty crazy lately. But, honestly, when isn't it? I was offered a position at Jim's Formal Wear just as I was getting used to my other new job at the middle school. Rich is still in training at his new job that he started back in August. Hunter became a Marine Recruit, against his mother's wishes. The kids had Homecoming. We had Halloween. Which, by the way, I have no photos of. I took pictures. When I went to add them to my computer the next day, they were no longer on my camera:( Bummer, the kids looked great, too! And, believe it or not, I did manage to sew a few stitches in the month or so since my last blog.

Well, it doesn't show very well in the photo but, this (above) is a kid upside down in a pile of leaves. You can see his jeans popping out & he has white tennis shoes on. I made him to put up in my cubicle at work. It's only about 12x13".

Today I started back on my Civil War Block of the Week. I was getting a little nervous because the year is almost over & I was only on week 33. Now I'm only 10 weeks behind. I think if I do 4 a week, I'll be caught up in no time. I would have done more but week 37 looked really complicated & I thought it would be better to start fresh on it. My Indiana Puzzle is about 1 inch too small, so, I'll be revisiting that particular one again later.

I finished Bunny Hill's last, free block of the month, "Henrietta Squirrel". It's invisible, machine applique with hand embroidery. By finished, I mean, the top is done. I do have the back & binding saved & ready to use when I get around to it. I put the two pictures up because the one with Fred, the dog, cracks me up. He heard the camera turn on, came over and stood in front of the quilt. When he heard me take the picture, he left. What a ham:)

This stocking is going to be Rich's new Christmas stocking. I made one for him the year we got married but it's falling apart at this point in our lives. It holds a lot of memories, though. I mixed up some of the colors from the pattern & my room mate touched his name to see if it was dry... it wasn't. I guess you could say it's always been a little ghetto but it was done with love:) So anyway, I'm going to take the kit to work with me & work on it while on my breaks.

I also quilted my Pride & Prejudice quilt. It turned out awful! It's stitched in the ditch and at every intersection the bottom stitches loop like crazy! Now I have to rip out the whole queen sized quilt and try it again. This time I'll just do a random all over pattern that will avoid all the intersections.

I did a little on my State Flowers quilt but didn't take any pictures. It's kinda funny. Yesterday, at Frieden's Quilt Show, I saw a finished one on display. I so badly wanted to unfold it and see what they did for South Carolina. I almost quit doing my quilt because I hate how South Carolina turned out! Sadly, it was in the fold and I didn't get to see it. My theory is that they hated theirs too, and were hiding it:)

Any hoo... I really want to make a second batch of granola. Yesterday's was terrible because I used cheap oats. I'm going to try again before it gets too late. Happy Stitching!