Monday, May 7, 2012

My first blog with the new set up.  We'll have to see how this goes.  I should be sleeping but since I took a fabulous nap today, I'm totally cranked up.

Life is flying by right now.  My youngest, Ethan, told me that my long hours were giving him chest pains.  Then yesterday, Bethany said I needed to stop working so much because she missed me.  I know it's pretty twisted, but I love that they miss me.  I didn't think they'd notice me being gone so much.  Alas, Prom season is all but over and they'll be back to not appreciating me in no time:)

But, in the mean time... I finished another month of my Sew Tweet block of the month.  It's currently pinned to my cubicle wall.  My flower centers are terrible!  I need to follow directions for the Perfect Circles but I just don't like to be told what to do...
April 21 was Hunter's 18th Birthday!  Something that I've learned from that experience is that I can not make fondant.  I screwed up another batch and resorted to butter cream at the last minute.  Her tattoo is totally jacked up, too.  She really needed to do her research before deciding on an artist.  But, she's young.  She'll learn from her mistakes and move on.

I can't believe I didn't take more pictures.  The house was totally decked out!  I cooked more for that party than I did at Christmas!  We even had umbrellas for their drinks that they got out of the Igloo sitting on a beach towel.  Trust me, this was major for a Mantz Birthday.

Yesterday, Ethan completed his first 5K.  It killed him.

Sierra also had 8th grade formal.  She looked so grown up!  Freaks me out.
 As you can see, she takes everything way too seriously.  Below, you can see she was climbing the plum tree and falling out.  Poor kid, so much like her mother.
Sierra brought home left over cherry pie filling from a school project.  So, before everyone could eat it all straight from the can, I made a pie.  There's nothing special about that, really.  Except that is was so perfect looking!  That never happens.  So perfect in fact, that no one has eaten any.  I don't think they trust it.  If only everything I made came out this attractive!
 I also made a new table runner to match the dining room.  We're having a graduation party in a few weeks and I'm trying to class up the joint.  Purple & green have been my thing lately!

Lastly,  I started a crocheted baby blanket.  It's out of a book that I had when I was pregnant with Hunter.  The yarn is SO soft and cuddly.  I'm not sure why I'm making it.  I've just been in the mood to make baby stuff and to crochet.  Probably my way of dealing with my babies, not being babies.  What I should be doing, is teaching myself to knit.  I need to be fully prepared when I become a grandmother.  In the very far future...