Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sleep In Your Bed Retreat

I tried to get caught up, really I did.  We had a sleep in your own bed retreat again.  It was, once again, lots of fun.  However, I kept screwing up.  I cut the pieces before I left in the morning so that I wouldn't have to take my whole stash with me.  First, I sewed the star point onto the wrong side.  Then I had one of my baskets cut wrong.  I also have my spools cut but those pieces are wrong, too.  Grrr.  I'm thinking I may change the color of my spools, now that I have to re-do them anyway.  Currently, they're black/ rainbow polka dots.  I think it might be better if I use the red gingham I used for all the butterfly bodies.  Then, I've got houses to build and after I fix whatever I screw up with those, the last row is tulips.  I think it's a really cute quilt but I feel weird about the variety of items on it.  I've got everything from butterflies, to fall leaves, to mittens, spools and houses.  Is it the seasons, or homey stuff or is it just random stuff?  I don't get it.  And, that bothers me...

What I do get, is that my Chocolate Bunny table topper is super cute!  I got the pattern from the Pattern Basket.  Love it! My original plan was to cut a bite out of one bunny's ear and the other's butt.  Then we could sit around the table and say, "My butt hurts."  "What?".  That's my favorite Easter joke.

I'm having serious issues getting these stupid pictures to follow instructions.  The cupcakes are a skinny recipe that sucks.  It's cake batter with Sprite Zero.  The frosting is Cool Whip and fat free pudding.  In theory it should have been good.  I did have some people say they liked them but I don't believe them.  Now the Whoopie Pies were good.  I've never had one or even seen one in person.  So, I didn't know what size they were supposed to be.  First I used the large scoop but it made them the size of hamburgers.  Rich said I should offer a quarter to anyone who could finish it in one sitting.  Then, I used the little scoop and they were really little.  Finally, I found the medium scoop.  And, they were jjuuuuust right.  But, I was out of batter.  So, next time I'll know.  The frosting was awesome.  It was supposed to be cream cheese mint but I was out of mint.  So, I used orange.  So good!  I had extra and put it in the fridge for another project.  Then Hunter came home and thought it was mashed potatoes.  Yep.  He came into my room last night with the bowl and a spoon, concerned that he'd ruined his potatoes because they were so runny.... At least I've got the recipe for another day.

I changed my comment settings to see if more people can comment.  I've gotten 3 spam comments so far, I guess it works...

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Judy T. said...

You whipped that chocolate bunny together so fast that I thought it was a project you brought from home partially finished and then just finished it at the retreat. It is tooo cute! I love the other quilt, too.
What, you've never had whoopee pies? I grew up on them. Yours look delicious!