Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It's All About Weddings

I'm the youngest of my family, by a lot.  Consequently, I'm the aunt of several people that are barely younger than me.  It's the new American way.  Pretty sure, I was doing it before it was cool, though.  I've decided this year is all about the wedding quilts and I just happen to be in the midst of wedding season at work.

My niece was married maybe 5 years ago?  And, has 2 kids.  I'm a little behind but at least I'm getting it done, right?  She lives in Oregon and said she and her husband like earth tones.  I adapted Edyta Sitar's wall hanging pattern into a bed quilt and added 2 more birds.  One for each family member.

I used a whole roll of triangle paper to make the 1/2 square triangles and  have around a billion left over.  So, I'll be doing a few more projects from that book.   I really loved this quilt until Hunter said it was trippy.  I don't know what he meant by that.  Trippy good, trippy bad?  What?  It got applause from my Applique group, so I'm taking that as good.  Now to quilt it and get it shipped out.  I'm a little scared.  Machine quilting isn't my forte, really.  And, my machine is iffy at best.

So, then we have her sister.  She was married last year in a bright yellow sun dress.  So, I'm doing better on timing there.  I wanted to do a yellow dresden plate quilt and call it "You Are My Sunshine".  She says she's obsessed with zebra print and hot pink.  I, on the other hand, don't like animal prints.  To compromise, I'm starting a black and white dresden with hot pink centers.  It will be called "So Many Plates to Fill".  She has 6 kids between her and her husband.  That's right, I don't have the most kids anymore...  The bag you see is the white blades that need turning.  I went a little crazy and have some 350 made.  That's enough for 35 plates, which, I think is about 2 quilts.  Oops.  I guess I'll make a couple baby quilts, too?

Then we have Rich's brother, who is much younger than him.  Ross is getting married this fall.  I'm REALLY on the ball with this one.  They live on the horse farm with my in-laws and are all about cowboy living.  Last I heard, she was planning a fall colored wedding.  I went with Kansas Troubles fabrics.  Which, is the same designer that I've used for my Mother-In-Law's quilts.  I'm really hoping they like it.

Yes, they all might read my blog and now know I'm making quilts for them.  But, I'm pretty sure no one will be surprised that their wedding gift from me is a quilt...

Then, there's cupcake lab.  This time I made vanilla cake with banana mascarpone filling and topped with fresh whipped cream for my supervisor's birthday.  These were, and I quote "the best damned cupcakes I've ever had", according to a fellow co-worker.  Score!

The first batch didn't work so well.  So many yellow cake recipes taste like sweet corn bread!  Bleh.  Sierra had the idea to change our favorite chocolate cake recipe into yellow cake.  It has the perfect texture.  She's so smart.  Tomorrow, I have a quilty meeting to go to.  I'm thinking, lemonade cupcakes?