Saturday, March 9, 2013

Apparently, This is What Progress Looks Like

I'm several weeks behind, but this is my latest row-along.  Mittens.  They turned out really cute.  I'm three rows behind.  I've got twinkle stars, houses and baskets to catch up on.  If I've been paying attention, and that is never a given, I think there should only be one or two more rows to do.  I hope to catch up during my retreat this weekend.

I finally finished your quilt show ribbons.  They're going to look fabulous hanging from your quilts in June!  Personally, I want to win second place because I love all the red ones.  Maybe I could win one of each?

Best of Show and Mayor's Choice...  gonna be great.  Ignore the bad lighting.  My house is old and my sewing room walls are bright yellow.  The background color is the same in both of these photos, just different ends of the room.  Weird, right?  The actual color is somewhere between the two.
You can't tell yet, but these are tree parts.  I'm making 18 tree blocks.  This is the center of the leaves.
 This is the leaves on the right side?  Maybe?

This is the pile of half square triangles that I have left over.  I may have made a few too many.  Good thing I tortured myself into making the whole package!  I'm thinking I can get another project done out of Edyta's book.  We watched one of her videos in TAS last week and it was quite motivating.  I'd love a table topper.

Did I mention that I made my triangles too large?  Yeah.  I could have sworn I had the papers for 2.5", apparently I had 3".  This little pile is a very small portion of my trimmings.  Yep.  Having to trim EVERY SINGLE ONE of these babies.  Didn't make me want to cry when I figured that out, at all.

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