Thursday, February 28, 2013

If I Kept Everything I Made, I'd Be On an Episode of Hoarders

For my Secret Pal at guild, I made a couple heart shaped pot holders.  I got a free pattern at Hancock's a few weeks ago.  I think I'm okay posting this because I'm pretty sure she doesn't follow my blog.
And, because I feel like I need to make towels for every occasion, I made these for her also.  I wish I didn't buy red towels, everything I wanted to do, would have looked better on white.  And, I had pink rick rack I wanted to use.

I found this yarn a while back and fell in love with it.  Not really a traditional color for a baby blanket but if was REALLY soft and cuddly.  Purple has just been my thing lately.  I bought all that was left of the yarn and it wasn't quite enough so this turned out smaller than I really had intended but I think it will work for a car seat or stroller blanket when the baby gets a little bigger.  One of the girls at work is having a grand baby so, I made it for her.  The same grandma that got the gingham block blanket from a previous post.  Her 2 daughters are due a few days apart from each other.

Then my supervisor's daughter is also due that same week.  Grand babies galore and in the middle of Prom Season, too.  I made this quilt a few years ago but it was too feminine for a friend's baby boy.  It's been sitting around just waiting for the right baby to come along.  I just loved the colors on this.  It's so cheerful!  Again with the purple...the backer is also a really sweet lavender polka dot.  Everything but the backer was out of my stash.  It's all about the stash this year, too.
Then, Rich's co-worker is getting married.  I've been making photo album covers for years and years.  They've changed from time to time.  First, they were all hot glue, ruffles and ribbon with a photo slot in the front.  Then, I started leaving off the photo because that was a total pain in the ass and attaching embellishments.  Then, I was cross stitching names on the front.  All the while, hot gluing everything to the album itself.  And, burning myself repeatedly.

My most recent design is a quilted, removable cover.  I appliqued their monogram in her wedding colors.  It's a black and white wedding.  I made my first ribbon milliner's roses.  I just used polyester satin ribbon.  Don't know if I want to start collecting silk ribbon.  That could be another big investment.... The same reason that I avoid wools.
Check out those gorgeous roses!  I may attach those to everything from now on! 

I also finished my Floral Fantasy quilt for the quilt show but I'm not sure if I should post it or keep a secret for the quilt show in June.   Hmmm....I'm not a very good secret keeper.

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