Saturday, January 12, 2013

A few days after Christmas, Ethan wanted to attend a Laser Tag Lock-In.  The catch was that it was from 11pm to 4 am.  Yeah, I had to drive to Belleville (40 min from Troy) to pick him up at 4am...

The big question is what to do to keep me awake until 3:20 when it was time to leave.

It was helpful that I got lost on the way down there.  Never use Bing to get directions.  Bing had me in some crazy bad neighborhood in Belleville that was no where near the actual place.  Ethan was 1 hour late for his event.  We took Bethany's car because mine was blocked in and her car kept dying at stop lights.  And, I was super freaked out!  Freaking Bing.  Never again.

So, on the way home, I stopped off at Walmart to get some Mt Dew and ribbon to make necklaces.  Bethany loved them and wanted a bracelet.

This is the 5th time? that I've done this green one.  Bethany wore it right after I made it the last time and the hook fell off.  Which caused it to unravel and fall apart.  I never said I make quality products:)  So I made it longer and more sturdy this time.

Some of the ribbon necklaces are more successful than others but they were fun.
I don't like this one much.
I also finished Bethany's boot cuffs.  I will never use this Homespun yarn again.  Never.  It was SO hard to keep track of where I was and keeping count and everything about it sucked.  Except it was soft and cozy and really pretty.  But, NEVER again.

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