Saturday, January 5, 2013

Who Obsesses? Heather Obsesses.

Bethany was on a roll this holiday season.  Here is a bedside table that she made for her boyfriend for Christmas.  Rich cut the pieces but she did the assembling and finishing.  This is probably the end of her creative streak for awhile.  She's exhausted with all the crafting she did!  She did a dream catcher, too but I guess I didn't get a picture of that.  It was really good!

This is what I have.

I've been obsessing over Tole Painting lately.  I'm absolutely in love with painted wood.  I'll take painted over natural any day of the week.  So, I've had my grandmother's sewing cabinet since I was 10.  The varnish is almost completely gone so I usually cover it with a quilt.  I got it in my head that I would re-finish it while I was on lay off.

But, the natural wood look wasn't going to do it for me for the second round.  It was going to get a Tole Painted makeover.  I don't know if Deveda Bradley would approve.  If I do it right, how could she not?
This is what I want.

I guess I thought I would just go for it and let the paint fly.  Then, the other day it occurs to me that I can't paint.  So, I invested in some cheap paint brushes (my first mistake), some acrylic paints and a sketch pad.  It became immediately apparent that I suck.
The plan is to do cream for the base color, dark green for the legs and then a decorative motif in the center of the side panels and one on top.  Clearly, I've got a way to go.  My hydrangea aren't too bad.  The daisies are tolerable.  Roses are coming along.  Strawberries are actually cute.  My leaves suck hard.

There is also a plaque at the Wooden Ladder that I want.  They personalize your last name and your wedding year.  You know, Mantz...est.1992, surrounded by some beautiful painted flowers.  So, why not do one myself.  The Wooden Ladder probably has better brushes than me.  And more talent.  Next week, I'm going to invest in some better brushes and a book of patterns.  YouTube wasn't as great of a teacher as I thought it would be.

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