Saturday, January 19, 2013

If I Could Only Focus On One Thing

Last week Sierra wanted to go to an Anime Convention in Peoria.  This is her costume, although, I have no idea who or what she's dressed as.  The other fans at the convention said she was great.  Below is the baby blanket I started in the lobby at the convention.  I worked on it constantly all last weekend and the yarn ended up drying out my thumb and cracking the skin.  So, I stopped.  But, last night I got back to it and started to crotchet the blocks together.  This form takes so much longer than to just do a solid color.  Bleh, I'm bored with it already.  It still needs some rows put together and then a white border.
I seriously have been telling myself I can't start new projects until I finish the ones that I've been working on.  But then, I don't listen to myself.  I got the borders appliqued on my Sew Tweet quilt.  All that is left is the final embroidery.  There are threads, pins and needles sporatically around it.  So why not finish that since I'm so close?   No, I had to start my rose.  This is part of my Floral Fantasy entry for our quilt show.  I LOVE it.  It, too, is awaiting embroidery.

Rich painted my living room for my Christmas present.  It's hard to tell, but it's a very pale green.  The coving is a metalic bronze.  I love the look!  Before, it was a boring beige.  Bleh.  This was the last room in the house that we hadn't painted.  And when I say we, I mean Rich.  The bronze was Rich's idea, and it was a really good idea.  It took me quite awhile to get the pictures back up on the wall.  I call it the Wall of Shame, and the pictures go all the way up the stairs.  It's shameful because the girls are always begging me to take down the less flattering adolescent years...
Today, I spent a couple of hours to add my blackberry vine stencil.  I've had this since the mid '90s and it used to be on my kitchen wall until we remodeled a couple years ago.  Blackberries have a special place in my heart.  My dad had wild blackberries behind his cabin when I was growing up.  It was my job every summer to pick them when I would go visit.  My dad was, I dare say, a complete ass.  Blackberries, however, remind me of the Daddy that I adored and not the flawed man I later knew him to be as I got older.

In our next therapy session, we'll explore why Heather can't leave new things alone and focus on the tasks before her...

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