Saturday, November 10, 2012

Such, Class, Such Sophistication

I'm a little behind on blogging.  So, I've prepared a few ahead of time and will set them up to post later.  Because, I'm sure you all want to be kept up to date on what I've been up to :)

Sad news though, Rich has put the kabosh on my homemade cleaning supplies.  His coat comes out of the dryer one time with teenage girl panties clung all over it and he has a baby cow!  Jeesh, such a whiner.  Now we're back to keeping Downy and Tide in business.  I guess this is better for the economy.

And my fall wreath keeps getting blown off the door and my ornaments pop off and get scattered to the winds.  Dang it.

I did finish Sierra's Chevron Scarf.  She picked out the yarn.  It was part of a long and sorted debacle that occurred in the yarn isle of Hobby Lobby.  Let's just say, she was a little embarrassed.  And, I felt the need to make a public service warning to all my yarn buying friends.

Clearly she had a lot to be embarrassed about because she is nothing but seriousness and sophistication:)  Along with her dad, who is helping her with her flying.
 I finished another block in my Christmas Wishes quilt.  I embroidered our family names on the houses; Mantz, Purdy, Bradley and Livengood.  I've actually done a lot more on this during a quilt retreat I recently attended.  So, there will be much more of this to show soon.
What?!  Is this Sew Tweet all pieced together?  Why yes it is.  All that is left is the outer borders!  So exited!  I love it so far.
Then I made another pie.  This time I made the little felt cherry that goes on the top.  Really little pain in my butt but I love it!  When I first got the pattern I tried to make the cherry out of cotton fabric and my head exploded.

My friend Dana e-mailed a pattern for a slice of Pumpkin Pie to me last week.  I'll be making that one shortly!!

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Dana said...

The pie is absolutely AWESOME!! My Tweets looks fantastic, too. And everything else...great work!