Sunday, November 4, 2012

My New Diet

So Rich over heard me saying I was going on a diet the other day.  And, bless his heart, he thought I was serious.  It all started when I had lunch at 5 Guys a few weeks back.  I was sitting there eating my burger, minding my own business (mostly).  When this REALLY large woman walks by me wearing super tight stretch pants that were hiked so far up her hoo-ha that you could actually see her vagina fat.  That's right, vagina fat.  Then the guy she was eating with was facing me while they ate.  And he kept staring at me.  Like to warn me that if I finished my burger and fries, I'd have vagina fat, too.  It's only a matter of time.  So I came home thinking salads would be a part of my immediate future.  But, it only took a day or two to come to my senses and make some decent desserts.

I started with a Lemon Blackberry Cheese Cake that I found on Pinterest.  Recipe here:  Pretty good but not as luscious as it looks.  Actually, not very sweet.  I loved it but the kids hated the seeds.

 Then for halloween I moved on to some caramel corn.  I found the recipe in the OLD Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook that I think my mom got when she got married the first time.  This is absolutely delicious.
 Then Bethany and I made fall sugar cookies.  We made the standard sugar cookies in lots of different colors, mashed it together and made them into leaves.  Another Pinterest idea.
Then for halloween night I made devils food cake with dark chocolate cupcakes.  Not very good, not going to bother with the recipe because they aren't worth the effort.  The webs are melted white chocolate.  And, this explains why my Cinderella costume didn't fit.

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Dana said...

The caramel corn looks delicious! and to heck with the diet...the key is avoiding the stretch pants!