Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sleep In Your Bed Retreat

A few weeks ago I attended a retreat with my quilt guild friends.  It was a Sleep In Your Own Bed Retreat.  Basically, you go sew all day with friends but go home at the end of the day.  The perfect kind of retreat for me.  The cost was really low, the company was excellent, and I could still maintain a little control of the chaos that ensues while adults are not in my house.  It was a three day thing but I was only able to attend 2 of the days.  That was the beauty of it, coming and going as I pleased.

Above, is a quilt Dorothy O. is working on.  I wish the detail was better.  This is spectacular! All of those flowers are hand appliqued.  Not to mention, Dorothy is the sweetest, most modest, talented person ever.  I want to be Dorothy when I grow up.  But, you and I both know it's not going to happen.
One of the things I worked on.  I forgot to take pictures until the very end.  Oops.

Below is Dana D.'s quilt that she finished.  The fabrics are fantastic and the colors are wonderful.  Again, the picture should have more detail.  This is one honkin' huge quilt.  Dana had a heck of a time toting it around, showing us.
Midge C. worked on her bright quilt.  Midge is very exacting.  Here, she's measuring her quilt for borders.  Something I would not do.  And, this is why nothing I ever do is perfect.  I may have helped her pick out these fabrics while I was working at Sweet Annies'.

Nancy G. quilted her Jelly Roll 1600.  Hers is done in Kansas Troubles.  She's not used to quilting her own stuff but did an awesome job!!
Oh, Marion R., the life of any party.  Marion worked on these embroidered square quilts.  At one point, she made a public announcement that she was officially against using the dark blue for the ladies.  That was what her friend wanted, and that is what her friend would get.  She later made another announcement stating she was wrong and the blue was perfect. 
And, here is Marion making another announcement.  The prairie points on this cute quilt of Nancy's was Marion's fault.  She distracted Nancy while she was cutting the binding and she accidentally cut prairie points.  I think, a happy accident because it's adorable.
One of the many projects made by Nancy E.  I love the metallics.
This is Dana's wool on cotton block.  Our guild is offering it as a class later.
This is a friend of Dana D. who came along.  She is doing some English paper piecing.  Tiny little blocks that she takes with her when she travels because they are so pocket sized.

Rosalie D.  She worked on her applique block from a Karen K. Buckley class.  I love the colors.This is Diane W.'s Florida Gators quilt.  At least I think it's Florida Gators, I could be totally off base on that one.  Below is Connie, she picked up those quilt blocks for a couple dollars at an estate sale.  I wish I'd gotten a picture of the whole thing.  The fabrics are hand dyed.  Really beautiful.  She made the loveliest wall hanging with them.
Diane also showed us this adorable gator quilt.  I'm so stealing this idea later!

So, those are the pictures I remembered to take.  There were a lot more people working on projects and not working on projects.  I think just generally enjoying the time.  I know I did and I can't wait for the next one!

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