Sunday, June 24, 2012

Three Day Weedend of Awesomeness

My three day weekend of awesomeness...I went to a Quilt of Valor meeting, a The Applique Society (TAS) meeting and signed over the Guild bank account to the new treasurer.  Then I really got down to business.

A week or two ago, I finished another Sew Tweets block.
 I started assembling my Civil War Quilt, last weekend.  I'm really loving it.  There is no open space in my house big enough to lay out the whole quilt.  So, I'm not sure if I have enough of these sashing strips made yet.  And, I already have about 120.  Bleh.

I'm really glad I waited to work on it.  I was so sick of it before but it was great to dig out all these old blocks.  It was like visiting old friends.  It was fun deciding my favor blocks.

 I made a couple of necklaces this weekend.  The white one is crocheted pearl cotton with beads and flower sequins.

The green one is seed beads and I forget what... I made it too short so I'm not sure what to do now.  I ran out of string, so I couldn't add on.  I guess it's a choker or someday I'll have a re-do.

I feel I should also mention the trip to Kato where I hit the clearance section and got a whole outfit for $30....including shoes.

Bethany is headed to Florida in a few weeks so we've been all about beach life lately.  I made layout pillow/towels for her and her friend Kristen.  I found the pattern on Pinterest.  It was fairly easy but nobody warns you about the sheer volume of towel fuzz that flies up your nose.  I was in a super foul mood by the time I was done.  Probably not going to make any more, so I hope she likes them:)

This is a barefoot sandal Bethany made for her trip.  Her boyfriend's mom wanted me to learn how to make them for a friend's wedding.  So, when we found out how easy it was, Bethany wanted to give it a try.  She did a great job.

The other big job I did was to clean my sewing room!  I threw out a huge garbage bag of crap, and re-organized everything.  I managed to get a couple extra shelves opened up for more important things.  Quilts of Valor that are in various levels of doneness now have a shelf all to themselves.  My Civil War fabrics got put away!  Although, I considered leaving it out because now I'm following a blog that is doing a Benjamin Franklin block of the month that I'm all excited about.

Sierra made a chocolate cake and fudge.  What's funny is that I never get a picture because we eat it too fast!  And we decorated for a patriotic summer!

Now the kids are bugging me for dinner.  Jeesh!  They never stop.

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