Friday, July 6, 2012

Thank you, Benjamin Franklin

Baby Pies!! OMG!  These guys are so cute.  I used my normal pie recipe but used the cupcake pan to bake.  The top of my raisin container was the perfect crust cutter for the size I needed.  I'll admit I prefer a larger fruit to crust ratio but the personal size is super cute.  Thank you Pinterest!

  I also did a few quilty projects.  The first was a wall hanging "Grand Old Flag" by Black Mountain Quilts.  I've had the pattern and Toile for a long time.  I know what you're thinking.  That toile isn't very American and that there are always creepy French people on Toile.  Nay, I say.  This particular one only has farm houses, no creepy people.  And, I'd also like to mention if it weren't for the French, the Revolutionary War would probably not have gone in our favor.  Thank you Mr.  Franklin.

I also made this super human cute table runner.  Also from Pinterest.  I may need an intervention.  The original was done in orange and  black and had no prairie points.  So off to Walmart I went to stock up on ribbon!  They didn't have any orange fabric that I liked.  And I loved the red, white and blue.  So this is how I spent my 4th.  And cooking.  Will probably end up with one for every occasion :)

 Lastly, I made ANOTHER necklace.  This is the third so far.  First one was too short.  Second one, I had skipped a step.  Third one was the charm.  Until I put it on and the clasp fell off.  And the threads were too short to reattach.  Do I like it enough to make it a fourth time?  No.  So I super glued the crap out of it.

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Dana said...

Love the new banner and background! The pies look great, too! Yum!