Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Know, Right?!

 So, it seems as if I haven't done anything since Hunter's Graduation.  I've been so wiped out that I don't think I've turned on my sewing machine for a month now.  I know, right?

I did celebrate my birthday with a new pair of shoes.  These are like clouds strapped to your feet.  I highly recommend.  And, believe me, that says a lot because I would never spend that much money on flip flops.  Just make sure you get them on sale:)

 Here's a funny story.  There was a company pot luck the day after graduation.  So I decided I could throw the party AND make tuxedo cookies at the same time.  I know, right?  So the dough sat in the fridge for 2 weeks and then when I finally did them, I thought they were too much work and I wasn't doing a good job with the frosting so we ate them at home.  There were a TON of cookies.  This is a picture of the best one...

 My beautiful daughters had dance recital last week.  Another reason I've gotten nothing done!  Pictures, rehearsal and then 2 shows.  Bethany even had her first solo.  I can't imagine dancing by myself in front of all those people!  But, they both did a great job.  This is Sierra's first time.  Grandma Mantz drove down for the event.  She's such a trooper.  And then, I had the flu the whole time.  And, believe me I did nothing but what absolutely had to be done.  The rest of the time I was in bed.  Awful.

 This is a photo album cover I'd been making since before graduation.  My sister-in-law pays me to make them for her friends that have babies.  I have no idea how many I've made over the the years.  A lot.  I almost had it done in time to give to her at the party but I wasn't happy with the name.  And, it turns out you don't spell Tenley with a K.  So, this is the second round.  At least I didn't attach it because I didn't like the colors I'd used for Kenley....

 I made this nut cracker a long time ago but didn't take a picture until now.  He is super freaking awesome!  I used a lot of old vest material from work on him.  I plan on making many more.  Don't his eyes freak you out?  LOVE HIM!
Hunter's graduation quilt that didn't get finished in time.  I need a new outer border.  I originally had some wood grain fabric but I really don't like it with the finished top.  You can't really see in the pictures but the ladies are posing with Woody Wagons.  Hunter loves panel wagons and he asked for a luau for his birthday, hence the Hawaiian lady quilt.  I used the Circle of Nine pattern again but added blocks to make it longer.  It's funny because I didn't originally like the book and now I've made 3 or 4 quilts from it.  It's so versital!

My latest block from Sew Tweet.  And now I know why I'm doing it!  Last night at our guild meeting our new President announced the next President's Challenge.  It's got to have Triangles, Applique, I already forgot the P and Scallops.  TAPS.  Sew Tweet meets all the requirements!  I just have to get it done by next May.  And figure out how to work in a triangle.  Although, I do believe the Star Trek symbol in the corner could be a triangle if I wanted it to be...  I know, right?

Lastly, I crocheted a baby blanket.  I think I was going through a thing because my baby was graduating.  Anyway, I finished this while watching Hatfields and McCoys.  Great mini-series!  And gave it to an office mate that just had a grand baby.  This yarn is SOOOO soft!  Honestly, my kids wanted to keep it.

I also read the Hunger Games trilogy.  Yikes!  That was stressful in it's own right!  I didn't like the last book very much but I got it done!  Now I'm late for work so I gotta get dressed.

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