Sunday, February 19, 2012

That's Right, We're Freakin' Love Birds...

For Valentine's Day, Rich offered to paint my room.  This is a huge sacrifice on his part because he HATES painting.  I generously offered to choose a more manly color.  It's a big change from the super femme peach that's been up for 6 years.  It's one of those Historical colors at Lowe's.  You're welcome old house.  You are welcome.  The upper left picture is of the 'dressing area'.  To the right is a picture of my favorite plates that hang over my itsy bitsy closet directly opposite the sink area.

The 'toilet' room is so small, you can't get far enough away to take a decent picture.  To the lower left is a full length mirror that Rich made for me out of a plain mirror and some molding.  I love it.

The bedroom area is a much lighter blue, also from the Historical collection.  Check out the hot blonde in the big portrait above.  Then check out the fat mom over to the left.  What the hell happened there?!
  My button cookies...yum.  This explains the fat chick above.  I also made little beaded pins but I forgot to take pictures before I gave them all away to office mates.

 These are from the applique challenge my quilt guild has going on.  I've decided to do mine in a 30's theme.  It'll eventually make it's way into a baby blanket and probably donated to the comfort quilts the guild collects for babies.  30's isn't my thing but I've always wanted to do something along those lines.  This will be a good way to get that idea out from under my skin and a good donation opportunity.

 These simple patterns were designed by Katie McMullen.  Only one more month and we'll be done with them.

 We had another baby shower at the office.  So, I took the opportunity to make these ducky cupcakes.  I've been looking for a reason for what seems like forever.  They took about 6 hours... a little more than I had planned.  The cupcakes themselves were blueberry and were SO yummy.  The duck heads are donut holes and the tails are halved marshmallows.  The beaks and feet are orange Starbursts and the eyes are m&m minis.


 Rich and I are going on 20 years of wedded togetherness.  Assuming he doesn't get completely fed up with me by next Dec, I'm making this dresden plate wall hanging in honor of his 20 years of putting up with the crazy.  The love birds will be appliqued to the center of the dresden plate below. That's right we're freakin' love birds.  The pattern is for a pillow but since a fancy pillow would never survive this house, I'm turning it in to a wall hanging.  (


susiefloozie said...

I absolutely love your Dresden Plate. It's a pattern I've been dreaming about in my head ever since I learned my Father's Mother was originally from Dresden Germany. Maybe now I'll get to it.

Your Mistress Suite (aka Master Bdrm & Bath) looks wonderful. No wonder you two are still love birds!!!

Good job on ALL your projects!

Dana said...

I absolutely LOVE the cupcakes! They are too cute!

Great job on your applique BOM. I really like them in the thirties fabrics. I love the dresden plate, too - it's going to be a beautiful wall hanging!