Monday, March 5, 2012

Y-Seams Suck.

 You know how you have those long weekends and you promise yourself that you're going to get tons done.  And then, you don't get anything done.  I had a 3 day weekend and the first 2 days were completely wasted laying around and watching movies.  By the way, Bridesmaids is the funniest movie ever!   And Conan is a complete waste of money.  Not sure, at all, why they remade that one.  And I was a fan of the originals.

I made this cornice last weekend and am just now taking a picture of it.  I've been planning it in my head for over a year.  I just hadn't made up my mind what I was going to put on it.  I adapted an Erin Russek pattern "My Tweets".  Now I wish I hadn't done something so simple. I had a really dark valance up and it was just too heavy and depressing. This is much more fun and light.  I like this but I don't LOVE it. 
It's times like these that I wish I was good at following directions.  I finished my love birds and I think they're super cute but my execution sucked.  My dresden blades are off center and the center circle is too small.  I should have made the circle larger, like the instructions said.  Instead, I winged it and did it wrong...

Haidyn's Star Wars quilt is done.  I quilted it today and got the binding put on.  I'll hand sew the binding down while I'm on breaks and then he gets to have it.

 I also made 2 batches of chocolate chip cupcakes.  The first batch burned:(  The second batch got eaten so fast that I never got them frosted.
 This obnoxious block is part of my Twisted Mystery quilt.  Y-seams suck!  It took me two hours to cut and sew one block.  And, there are several of these in the quilt.  Below you can see how ripply it turned out.  I suck.  This may  be the project that I never finish...

To make myself feel better I made this cute little lamb quilt.  It's only about 12.5 by 10.5".  And I think he's super cute:)  He's the perfect size to hang in my cubicle at work.

Well, I hope you guys enjoy the fabulous weather we're about to get.  Prom season is all but upon us and I'm about to be working way too many hours.  Which is why I thought I should get things done this weekend.  Oh well, you can't win them all.


susiefloozie said...

I love your March Lamby! He's adorable! I also love your Dresden Plate! It's beautiful. OK, so it's not perfect but so what!!??

Now about your Y-Seams: I heard that doing it "her" way makes it super-easy and nearly perfect. What happened? Anyhow, maybe it'll press out????

Let's get back to pretties: I would love to do cornices. What did you use? Wood & L-brackets? Something else? Yours is lovely, the colors are truly YOU!

I'd say you had a very productive 3-day weekend even if you did do most of it in one day! HA!

Heather said...

I think the MDF works great. We used plywood for this project and it was too loose. And just L-brackets. They're really pretty easy to do.