Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Life in Stitches

I suppose this is another pincushion project. There were several little projects like this that I wanted to get done before school started. I've always wanted to buy one of these thread catchers when I see them at quilt shows but I never like anyone's choice of fabrics. And, you know I love cupcakes.
Let me just say, moving pictures around in this blog sucks. These are the State Flower embroidery blocks that I've been working on. I started them while we were in Minnesota. I'm doing this instead of hand applique for a while. While we were in Minnesota, someone was looking at my work and asked "What are these, cupcakes?" So...I guess my embroidery skills are a tad lacking. By the end, I sould have it squared away. Don't ask me why Utah is upside down, I can't figure out how to fix it. These will all be set on-point in the quilt.

So, don't be too impressed with how much I've done on my Civil War blocks. I had several blocks that I just hadn't taken a picture of yet. They are really bad pictures. I couldn't bring myself to re-take them once they were done. I almost started to cry on Saturday when I sat down to put all the blocks in order. At first, I was going by just the blocks that I'd photographed but luckily I found the others and I wasn't as far behind as I had thought:/ Then of course, I got frustrated & gave up before I was caught up with Barbara Brackman's blog. The Y-seams in the lily block did me in!
So, that's what I've been up to. My to-do pile is: quilt my Haunted Halloween, and Pride & Prejudice quilts, get caught up on my Twisted Mystery quilt and I'm also doing Bunny Hill's BOM Henrietta Squirrel. Ideas running around in my head are: a family tree quilt for the Purdy's, Hearts n' Hands BOM in 30's, a new fall bag, & a new Quilt of Valor. I've got fabric for them all, I just need to start them. But then, I feel like I should finish something else first. Maybe next week.

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