Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'm a mom, I can multi-task!

I woke up this morning wanting desperately not to think about Sept. 11. It's been 10 years and it is still so painful! I thought of Rich's grandfather this morning. The morning after we were married, Dec 6. Grandpa Mantz was going on and on about Pearl Harbor. Me, being the idiot 21 year old, couldn't understand why he was still stuck on that day. I understood this morning. 9-11 is my generation's Pearl Harbor. And, I feel so sad that it will be stuck with us well into our twighlight years.
My first instinct was to throw the terrorists the 1 fingered salute & go about my business like they don't matter to me. But, everywhere I turned, there were people showing their respect for those who died, and those who serve. And again, I found myself being the idiot. So I let myself cry, again, and I started another Quilt of Valor. Just because I want to ignore the hate, doesn't mean I should ignore the men & women out there keeping freedom safe.
This is as far as I got. I've been saving the pattern forever because I HATE flying geese & could always find something else to start. My friend Pat suggested I paper-piece them so they don't totally suck. As usual, she had a good idea, even though, it still kicked my butt. I worked on this for most of 9 1/2 hours and this is as far as I got. The next round will be 8 pointed variable stars, another blue border and then top and bottom rows of more stars. The original pattern is meant to be square, so I added the rows to make it longer & more like a throw quilt. I'm loving the blues that I'm stealing from my Civil War block of the week stash! Wouldn't it be a tragedy if I had to go shopping for more?
I made this bag yesterday. Another kit I've been hoarding. This is supposed to be my new fall bag. It's Peggy Sue by Fig Tree. Super easy pattern and little small by my usual standards. The fabrics are by Edyta Sitar, yummy. Now it just needs a really great button on the flap.
The cupcake is Sierra's latest creation. She had an Irish Cream truffle a few weeks ago & wanted to see if you could put it in a cupcake. All I had was Mint Chocolate Baileys, so we used that and put a chocolate frosting on it. Pretty darned good if you ask me. And worth all the WW points I had to use to eat it:)
Well, the terrorists can still kiss my giant behind! I love my country, I love my family, and I love my freedom. I'm a mom, I can multi-task. I can salute a terrorist with my middle finger, make a quilt for an honored service member & have dinner on the table before bed!

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Judy T. said...

What a wonderful blog today Heather! You are an inspiration!!!