Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lazy or Productive, I Can't Tell

It's funny, just yesterday, I was berating myself for not getting enough done last week.  My lay off is half over and I have a big list to get through.  Then, I downloaded my pictures and realized that I wasn't quite as lazy as I thought.  What a relief.

Rich bought this table runner pattern for me for Christmas from Shabby Fabrics.  The mystery package I found with a Shabby  label was patterns!

Lesson learned with the rickrack.  Do NOT trace pattern with Frixion pen when you really need to glue down the rickrack and heat set before sewing.  Yep, next time, I will definitely think first.  Yep.  Next time.

There were a few things for work as well.  I made Lemon Angel Food cupcakes with a raspberry topper.  They were cute but didn't taste that great.  Honestly, I don't get everybody's fascination with angel food cake.  Not my favorite but several people request it at work.  I thought the lemon would jazz it up some.  Nope.  I tried to get root beer extract yesterday for Root Beer Float Cupcakes but our local store didn't carry any.  I ended up making a peach dump cake.  I was good but not blog worthy.
I finished Chad's baby quilt.  His baby girl is due in February and they're naming her Ruby.  I've had this pattern for years just waiting for a reason to make it!  I love the way it turned out.  He even said they considered doing her room in ladybugs.  Ahh, babies.

Our guild had a challenge this month to finish up to 2 quilts.  You only had to finish a project that you had about 30% done.  And, really you didn't even have to have it quilted.  You could just finish the top.  I quilted this HST quilt from before.  I think I should have gotten points for having it quilted.  Everyone said they liked it but I didn't place in the challenge.  A couple people were surprised it was mine, thinking the colors weren't me.  I guess they are pretty subdued.  I was thinking it was pretty grown up for me.  I guess nobody equates me with grown up :)

I also made this little needle wallet for my secret pal.  Her nickname is Lollipop.  I love it.  I have the same one but in cupcake fabric.  I was tempted to keep this one, too.  Hopefully, she will liked it.  It's a new week, a snow day, and I've still got a half dozen or more projects to finish up.  And, Rich's brother is expecting a baby girl in April.  I'd like to have that one done before prom season, so I best get to gettin'.  Hope you're all having a creative New Year!

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Anonymous said...

Sweet Heather, you put me to shame, You are very productive. Case in point Bunnies Prefer Chocolate, actually me too. Love all of your stuff. Keep up the great work.