Saturday, January 11, 2014

Excuse Me, It's Rabbits. Not Bunnies.

 I finished all the blocks for Rabbits Prefer Chocolate.  I've been calling it Bunnies Prefer Chocolate all this time.  Oops, how embarrassing.  Not really.  This one is Rich in his little race car.  The car number qualifies for the diamond shape of our President's Challenge.  I asked him what number he wanted, he asked for 24.  I guess that's the number of a famous Nascar driver, which is funny, because he does't watch Nascar.  Whatever, man.  I embroidered the number in Emerald before I remembered that my other bunny is supposed to have an emerald necklace.  Oh well, it looks fine anyways.  Besides, there's no telling if I'll actually remember to buy the emerald necklace.
Here's another 3 blocks that I've finished recently and not blogged about.  I don't think I have anyways.

And, here's everything put together.  I'd like to mention, all my pieces fit together appropriately.  Thank you, thank you.  No applause, just money.   I really should have planned better and gotten my border fabrics first and then worked them into the main part.  Hind sight and all that.  The picture shows a dark pink inner border, a brown outer border with pink scallops appliqued on it.  I'm pretty sure I can still get the brown and white polka dot that I used for a few of the bunnies.  There are't any pink pieces left big enough to do either of the borders, so I'll have to buy that.  I don't know if I want to applique a border.  It's a lot of work.  But, I fear the cuteness factor will be diminished if I don't.  Le sigh. Le pout.

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