Saturday, December 28, 2013

So Many Bibs

Kammi liked her baby gift so much, she hired me to make an elf bib for Christmas.  And, I made Ethan wear it.
Kammi with her peas and carrot bibs that I made for her baby gift.  I made her wear them.  The picture of the John Deer fabric books didn't turn out.

My supervisor, Donna, liked Kammi's gift so much, she hired me to make peas and a strawberry for her granddaughters.  And, I made Ethan and Bethany wear them.

Then, my co-worker liked Donna's so much that she hired me to make 2 more strawberries for her granddaughters.  Hunter and Sierra were no where to be found.  I think they caught on.  Drat.


Sharon said...

Too cute! You're so creative.

Dana said...

Love them! Seriously amazed that you were able to convince a teenage boy to model for you even once...impressive!