Saturday, October 13, 2012

That's So Pinteresting....

I really wanted to make one of these wreaths for Halloween but couldn't find black, orange, and purple ornaments.  So, I defaulted to fall.  I LOVE it.  Of course, I got the idea from Pinterest.  Here's the link.  I'll probably end up making one for every holiday now.  I used my old wreath, leaves and ribbon.  I bought 3 pkgs of shatterproof bulbs at Walmart for about $5 each and added a few glass bulbs from my Christmas "extras".  And lots and lots of hot glue.  Just like my Easter Egg wreath in the spring, I really underestimated how many ornaments it would take.  I used all 3 three pkgs (60?), maybe 8 that I had before and only had 6 left when I was done.  I thought I was over buying and didn't know what I would do with brown Christmas ornaments.  For Christmas I'd like to use the vintage look ornaments.  I have my grandmother's from the 50's but I'd be too worried they'd be destroyed in one of our wind storms.

In other Pinterest news:

I still really like my laundry detergent.  It smells great and seems to work fine.  Although, I did notice that I had deodorant on a black blouse the other day.  Did I try it on and change my mind?  Or, did the detergent not get it out?  Plus, did Bethany over stuff the washer?  Mysteries.  Link here.  I use the dry version.  Not sure why you would make liquid, it's twice the work and doesn't do any better of a job.

Hated the air fresheners.  Cutting my losses and moving on.

Going to try a different dish detergent next time.  The one I've been using says to leave out to dry or it hardens.  Well, leaving it out to dry for 2 days with the comedy stylings of the Mantz' can be more than it's worth.  "Hey, babe.  I'm glad your subsidizing our income but is Crack really the way you want to go?"  "Hey, Mom.  You can't just leave your Crack out like that.  What if the cops come by?"  And so on...

I have recently tried to make my own fabric softener.  It's been a success so far.  It doesn't make the laundry super soft.  We were using the luxury Downy sheets w/ lavender, I forget what they were called.  Not the pink and blue box.  It's purple and has shiny writing.  More of a line dried freshness.  Rich is a big fan.  And, you use conditioner, so you can choose from a ton of different scents.

On the horizon:  hot glue on my hangers so my blouses stop sliding off, wedding quilts for my nieces, finishing up stuff for my guilds Quilt Show, making stuff for the quilt guild's auction and I cut out the pattern and fabric for my Halloween costume.  It's been years since I've done a garment.  We shall see.

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