Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall and Stuff

 Well, I think this Bats in the Belfry pattern has been waiting patiently for YEARS for me to get around to making it.  And, I really like it.  Bonus, I was able to use all stash fabrics.  The weird flowers are Bethany's Homecoming Court bouquet.  They're spooky just like my bats.
A few Saturdays ago, we learned to do a fancy embroidery stitch at The Applique Society. It's called twilling and is like little knots on top of the fabric.  I loved it and was able to finish it while I was waiting around for kids at their various Homecoming dance activities.  That's the great thing about applique and embroidery, you can take it anywhere.
 After making Bats in The Belfry, I decided to make a ribbon table runner for Halloween.  I tweeked the pattern I used for a similar one for the 4th of July.  I like this one much better.  It's fatter, and shorter.

And who doesn't need some halloween pot holders.
 The same Saturday that we had TAS, I also participated in a quilting sew-along thing.  It was a Jellyroll 1600 Race.  We had a lot of fun!  Everyone's turned out SO much cuter than mine.  Instead of buying a jellyroll, I made my own out of patriotic fabrics.  Then, at the last minute, I decided to use one of my gold strips as a connecting square in between the strips.  Well, there was only enough for a few.  Then my colors were clumped together.  On my last round, I had to rip out the seam and flip it topsy turvy because my gold squares were right on top of each other and there was a huge red blotch in the middle.  Ugh.  I was not impressed.  Then Alice says I should applique stars on it.  Brilliant!  So, once I added borders and a few stars, I like it much better.  Of course, as I was sewing the stars down with metallic gold thread, I ran out of thread on my second to last one.  Ugh.  Eventually it will be a Quilt of Valor.  When I get my act together.

I'd like to make another, I really liked the ones that were all one tone but had a light or dark square.  Chris Y. had beautiful pastels with a medium blue.  Alice had gorgeous florals with a med pink.  And Judy and Pat had super cute kid fabrics that were mostly one one in brights.  Katie had an all medium blue batik jellyroll that I think will be gorgeous.

Check it out!  Only one more block to go!  As I was trying to figure out the assembly and border instructions, I realized I'm missing page 3 of the instructions.  Which, apparently, has all the measurements.  I had just guessed on block size when I started.  Good thing I was right.  Yikes.  She's mailing me a copy of the missing page.

This is Sierra's Birthday cake.  She turned 14 on the 29th.  She wanted a chocolate cake with raspberry filling.  I found the decorating idea on pinterest and thought it was so pretty.  I made a double batch of frosting and it wasn't enough to cover the whole cake so I poured the rest of the filling on top.  That was Bethany's idea.

 So, I bought this cake stand because I've never had one and our cakes always sit out and dry up.  The kids won't cover anything with saran wrap.  So, I buy a cake stand with a dome.  Then I decorate the cake and there's too much frosting to fit under the dome!  I can't win.  And this cake is so rich, no one can eat it.

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