Saturday, September 8, 2012

Why Do I Do These Things?

Me:  "Why do I do these things?"
Bethany:  "Because you're crazy.  Crazy people do these things, Mom.  Crazy People."
I guess that explains a lot.

I've been on a canning kick lately.  It's because of my Kitchen Ninja.  It can do anything.  First, my co-worker brought in apples from her tree.  So, I made Apple Butter.  It turned out great, everyone loved it.

Then strawberries were on sale at Aldi for $1 a carton.  So, I made Strawberry Jam.  It turned out great, everyone loved it.

So I decided to do salsa!  My Ninja can chop those tomatoes and chilies, no problem.  What a total pain in my butt!  It was good though, everyone loved it.

When we got back from Chicago, Sierra made Chinese Five Spice cupcakes with brown butter frosting.  I didn't get a photo but they were great.  Then during the Labor Day weekend, she made butterscotch.  Very good.  Then she made a chocolate cake with no frosting.  Also, very good.  We now all weigh 600 lbs.
I spent one entire day un-quilting a quilt.  My Pride and Prejudice quilt had an afro on the bottom.  I've been meaning to undo it for months now and I finally got to it.  Thank goodness I had a lot of tv to catch up on.  I watched Copper, Hell on Wheels, Lost Girl, Dr. Who, Water For Elephants, Gross Pointe Blank (love it), and Chicago...

The girls and I spent the day at the Mills Mall today.  It was my first time there and I really liked it.  The girls got their Homecoming dresses.

After that, I pieced another Christmas Wish block.
I re-did this necklace.  I didn't like the first version (without ribbon) of mine and fell in love with this version. 

I won these items on the French General blog!  Very exciting.  It's mostly scrapbooking stuff and I have no idea what to do with it but they were free:)
And, because I'm a indeed crazy, I started an infinity scarf for Bethany.

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