Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Don't Need Anymore Projects But That Never Stops Me

 Hello friends.  What's up?  Been keeping busy?  I have, maybe a bit too busy.

I finished a whole block of my Wishes quilt.  The next section is super big and complicated.  So, I'm procrastinating.  I'm still loving it but it's getting to be a bit much.

My friend Vicki just added on to her house this year, which included her very own sewing room.  So I made her a button monogram for her new room.

Pinterest Update:  My homemade air fresheners are a complete waste of time.  They only smell good while you're making them.  Then they fade.  And, I gave one away as a gift....

The latest and greatest: I made a cake stand for my kitchen sink.  I saw someone say it was a good way to keep the sink area clean.  I thought it turned out really cute.  It's made from a $1 candle stick and $1 plate.  The picture makes it look a little crooked but I don't think it actually is.

I finally finished my Henrietta Whiskers quilt!  It's been piled on my banister for the last year and since fall is right around the corner, I decided I'd waited long enough.  Turns out that I hadn't done all the embroidery, either.  Then I had to do the embellishing with buttons and what not.  Now I've got it signed up to appear in the Edwardsville quilt show.

The girl at work who provided me with apples for the apple butter a couple weeks ago brought more.  So I made a custard apple pie.  My crusts are super ugly...but the pie was yum.  Last night I finally finished off the last of the apples and made apple crisp.  Double yum but it was gone before I could photograph.
So, I've been following Lori Holt's blog (Bee In My Bonnet) and Pinterest page.  And she's awesome.  I absolutely do not need another project but I started one with her anyway.  It's a row along.  Every 2 weeks we do another row.  We started with the 1" square checkerboard.  You should check out her tutorial on it.  It was really easy and quick.  Then this last week we did the butterflies.  I'm using all scraps with solid white.  She also had a tutorial on how to make this design board.  I decided that I will probably make a larger one for the quilt show but without the ric rac.  Oh, yeah.  My other project is ribbons for our quilt show and a board to display them on.

Then, I finished Bethany's infinity scarf.  This is Sierra modeling it.  Bethany's arm is photo bombing the picture because she couldn't stand the idea of her sister modeling the scarf she so patiently watched me finish.  Then I gave it to someone else.  And it was killing her.
And now she has it.  And she likes it.

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