Monday, March 31, 2014

What Do You Mean, It's Not For Me?

Okay, so I'm totally ready to admit paper piecing is not my thing.  And, I've go a WHOLE quilt to go still!This little bugger took almost 2 hours to do.  Those glasses were intense!  I kept putting the fabric down on the paper backwards or not making sure the fabric is long enough.  And, now that I see the picture, forgetting pieces all together!  Yeah, that left botttom frame isn't supposed to be that long.  Jeez, now that's got to be fixed.

It's been a long couple of weeks.  My hours are long and my family doesn't seem to stop needing me just because I'm busy.  Rich's mother died this week and that's a whole other thing.  He was estranged  from her up until about a month ago when she found out she was dying and wanted to make amends. The kids have never met her.  He isn't taking it well.  He's been a Crab-asaurus Rex from the planet Crab-atron.  I think mourning would be easier on him (and the rest of us) but he's just really angry right now.  It really makes you reflect on what's important in life.  What do you want people to feel when you're gone.  Do you want them to be sad to see you go or just pissed at who you chose to be.  God willing, my kids will just be sad.  All four of that woman's kids are pissed off.  And, I guess that is one of the stages of mourning.  It's pretty terrible.

Any who, enough of the depressing stuff.  I did manage to get a couple of my Christmas blocks done.  I think it's turning out cute.  However, I do keep forgetting that I wanted it to be blues and greens.  Pink seems to be creeping in on a regular basis.  I love how the pear fabric photographed!  It doesn't seem that intense in real life.

I told Rich, "Look honey, I get the present!"  He gave me the dead pan stare and said, "You get ALL the presents."  Ha!  At least we've got that established!  If you're keeping track, March's gift was tickets to Celtic Woman.  It was so good!  I took Sierra because Rich said he would just make fun of it and ruin my night.  Another thing we agree on.

Here's a funny story about me and presents!  Rich had a seriously beautiful book shelf hand crafted by his former co-worker.  Seriously.  Beautiful.  Artistry.  So, he sends me a picture of  it while I'm at work and I love it.  So, I thought, this must be an early April present... I have it mentally filled and decorated before I get home.  I'm showing my co-workers how beautiful it is and they're telling me how spoiled I am.  You get the picture.  So, I get home and the darn thing is full already of war books!  I'm, like, what?!  It wasn't for me at all!!!  He had it made to house his war/ science/ philosophy book collection!  What the heck?  He wanted it for books??  He did leave me part of one shelf to put the family photo albums.  Reason # 4,567,396 that the world does not revolve around Heather Mantz.

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