Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kids, You Gotta Love 'Em

Bethany had an extra credit assignment in Honors Chemistry.  She had to make a compound into a mole.  She chose sucrose as her compound.  So she made it from cupcake fabric.  Sewed on crystalized sugar eyes, and gave him a dollup of whipped cream and cherry hat.  Then, he's sitting in a cupcake wrapper.  Isn't he cute?!  I promise, she did 99 percent of the work and I'm super proud.

After this, and the few Christmas presents she made, she's hit her crafty quota for the next few months.

Sierra also made t-shirts for her friends with crazy sayings on them.  Of course, didn't think to get a picture.  Dang it.
Ethan turned 12.  Yes, that is a horned troll, sitting in a wheelchair, surrounded by the Zodiac.  Can you believe I couldn't just go to Walmart and order that?  Yep, had to do it myself.
He also wanted a purple and black cape for a costume he's assembling.  Had to make that one myself, too.  Sierra's a bit jealous.  She wants one so she can dress like Loki in Avengers.  It's totally normal for kids to be so into CosPlay, right?
This might explain why I find so much crap in my bed.

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