Saturday, August 25, 2012

Got A Little Crazy With the Buttons

 This is one of the necklaces I've been tossing around in my brain recently.  My friend Vicki and I were at Cross Patches a few weeks ago and I found a container of buttons that I loved.  Then we saw a similar necklace to the one below on a mannequin.  So I made one of those, too.  I'd like to point out it was her idea to run there after work and she spent no money.  I walked away with enough buttons for 2 necklaces with extras and some fat 1/8ths for my Wishes quilt.

 I made a birthday table runner for my great-niece and nephew whom I'll be visiting this weekend.  I made one of these years ago for a Shop Hop for Sweet Annies'.  The original pattern is for a whole quilt and we adapted it to be a table runner.  And it's huge.  Takes up most of my table.  I was going to make four gifts because they're a family of 4.  Glad I didn't.  Now I need to make a few more for my other great-nieces and nephews who I can't go visit since they live on the west coast.  And one for my family because it turned out so cute!  The best part is that I could use the fabric I wanted and not what the shop wanted me to use:)  I'm just picky that way.

My nephew's in-laws (grand parents of kids above) are having their anniversary this weekend also.  So, I made this table runner for them.  Again, now I've got to make one for me because I'm in love and don't really want to give it away.  It's a lot smaller than I expected, especially compared to the one above, but really cute.

I also finished the bear for my Wishes quilt.  It's only one of three stitching parts for the next block.  This quilt isn't big but very time consuming.  And the generous author is publishing the patterns WAY faster than I can keep up. (the button card in the middle of her basket junk isn't done because I'm going to use real buttons)

Last but not least, my August Sew Tweets block.  And, I am officially current on that block of the month.  I'm close enough now that the border is looming over my head.  It's not going to be much fun.  Lots of repetition.  Repetition and I are not close friends.

Next time, I'll tell you how Chicago went.  

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